Juan David Campolargo

Hey there, I'm Juan David!

Yes, Juan David! Not Juan, not David. Say it with me! Juan David.

Juan David Campolargo

7-Second Bio

To help you find something that interests you, I’ve made a list of my favorite work/creations


Generation Optimism

TEDx Talks:

"Inspiring the Next Generations to be More Optimistic"

"A Case More Youth Optimism"

Popular Short Essays

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Curiosity Projects

Projects define my life. It's what I love doing, how I meet my friends, and why I wake up every morning

Check out my Curiosity Projects page to learn more about my projects and how I work on them.

Juan David Campolargo

Weekly Memos

I write a Weekly Memo about the adventures and challenges of being a curiously ambitious teenager through the lenses of optimism, science, and entrepreneurship.

This is also the place where I share personal updates and my latest projects.

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I’m most active on Twitter & LinkedIn. If you’d like to talk, send me a DM or an email.