What I’m Doing Now

Updated June 12th, 2024, from Chicago.

Graduated from college a few weeks ago

Moved back home. And I'm figuring it out next steps. Here are some of the things I'd like to do this summer (and rest of the year):

  • Writing a book about the ultimate UIUC guide on everything I learned, my mistakes, and everything I wish I knew 🌶️.
    • The purpose of the book is solely to help others start their journeys from the points I reached. I'm not after any personal gain here, just the satisfaction of helping out.
    • I'm so excited to write it, edit it, publish it, and of course, have the time of my life with distribution/marketing.
      • Want to pre-order it? You can do so here. Even if you don't go to UIUC or are in college, you will have a blast reading it.
    • And also, just started a TikTok Series to build distribution/hype. Check it out!
  • Apprenticeship: When Ryan Holiday was on his 20s, he became Robert Greene's apprentice, and Ryan says this experience changed his life. I would love to do something similar.
    • Who would I enjoy an apprenticeship with? Writer, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker, someone who is truly alive, or a combination of everything mentioned.
    • I've also been reaching out to interesting people to learn from
  • Got rejected from YC's summer batch
  • Get excited about a few goals, get serious, commit, and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Obsessions: Cooper's Hawk

I feel fully alive. More like enraptured when I'm obsessed about something I can't quite understand and this weird force pulls me down to the very end of the universe to learn everything I can.

Right now, it's Cooper's Hawk. Why? Genius idea, the experience, target audience, business model, and pure raw fascination.

This isn't the first time this happens. In the past, I wrote a book about a movie, a book about lithium, and a flying car project.

Of course, I started writing. So far, it's 3,000 words. It'll be the best piece of writing about Cooper's Hawk out there. Mark my words! In the meantime, I would love to interview Tim McEnery, the CEO/Founder. But I can't seem to find his right email!!!

What else?

Running, biking, reading, and following my curiosity (and creating projects)!

What have I read lately? Perennial Seller, Monster Lady, and a book about the history of the world seen through the lenses of important drinks like wine, coffee, etc. And will resume my War & Peace reading.

Parting Thoughts

Main priorities right now are finishing college book (and building its distribution), essay about Cooper's Hawk, and a few other projects.

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