The Test Checklist

Great opportunity to learn

  • Test = GAME

  • Go through it before every test

  • Answers the question of how to prepare for a test

TEST CHECKLIST by Richard Felder

  • Did you make a serious effort to understand the text?

  • Did you work with classmates on homework problems? or at least check homework solutions?

  • Did you attempt to outline every homework problem solution?

  • Did you participate actively in homework group discussions?

  • Did you consult with the instructor?

  • Did you understand ALL of your homework problem solutions?

  • Did you ask in class for explanations of homework problem solutions that weren't clear to you?

  • A study guide?

    • Did you carefully go through it before the test and convince yourself you can everything on it?
  • Did you attempt to outline lots of problem solutions quickly?

    • without spending time on the algebra and calculations?
  • Did you go over the study guide with your classmates?

  • Did you attend a review session?

    • And ask questions about anything you weren't sure about?
  • Did you get a reasonable night's sleep before the test?

    • If your answer is NO, your answer to all the preceding questions may not matter.

Inspired by Learning How To Learn, Coursera Course.


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