300 TikToks in 16 weeks

I was on a Discord server talking to some interesting people, and one of these guys was graduating from college but didn’t want to get a job, so I told him, “Why don’t you make TikToks and try to see what results you get?

He didn’t seem convinced, so I told him, “Fine, I’ll join you.” Other friends decided to follow suit. There was a group of 5 people, and we started making TikToks. The challenge was making TikTok for 12 weeks straight, one every day.

After a couple of days, everyone had given up, but I wanted to continue, so I continued. After 16 straight weeks, I made over 300 videos, and nothing blew up. I had a random video with over 100,000 views, but nothing crazy.

It was a good experiment and something I learned to do sort of well; if I continued, I would probably make it. Whatever that means.

Check out my TikTok. Try not to laugh at me.