Juan David Campolargo

America Needs a New Motto

The West seems to be in decline while we see the East rising, and perhaps even beating the West.Whatever it is, we need to wake up and figure out ways to move forward. Lately, I’ve noticed the unexpected. Many are giving up. Many are leaving. Many are fatigued.

Why? Besides, the millions of reasons here are a few such as the structure of government, incentives and regulation, the education system, a culture of conformity and narcissism, mental health issues, and the list continues. Most of this can be encapsulated with one statement, “we got weak.” After being the best for long, the default reaction became complacency.

But I want the U.S. to continue thriving and keep making progress. More broadly speaking, I want to have a country where radical ideas can emerge and flourish, I want to have a country where new forms of individualism can prosper, and I want to have a country of opportunity of any kind. 

How do we make progress? We need to focus on science and engineering to create innovation. We should also focus on startups as a way to bring about progress and development.

America’s New Motto

Almost a century ago, we gathered the most brilliant minds to create the Manhattan Project to develop what many thought was “impossible.” Let’s create an even bigger project. Why don’t we call it the American project? We’d gather the most intelligent minds from the U.S. and anywhere in the world to overcome whatever comes our way.

“In God We Trust” was the previous generations’ motto to counterattack the Soviet ideology and their atheism.

NOW, we need a new motto that represents a new narrative and story. A story of resilience, possibility, and human imagination. We need to see the shadow from the future so we can reinvent the present.

A motto to counterattack conformity, oppression, and fear. A motto to uplift the power of radical ideas, elevate individuals over institutions and inspire the next generations of doers and dreamers. Here’s an idea:

“In God We Trust. In Individuals We Rise.”

Many don’t realize but Americans represent the Davids’ of the world. We have a bottom-up approach where anyone can overcome the Goliaths with a simple idea and crazy courage. 

In God We Trust. In Individuals We Rise. Let’s strengthen the ideals of individualism, liberty, opportunity.

This is a fight with ourselves, not anyone else.

By the way, why do I care?

I’m not even American. I’m an immigrant and I’ve only lived in the U.S. for a couple of years. But I care. 

I don’t want to lose the place where opportunity meets courage. The place where radical ideas meet stubborn luck. The place where individuals make the impossible possible.

Giving up on America is giving up on the dreams of many young optimistic and curiously ambitious kids like me. 



Now, let’s make this happen! Here’s how you can help:

1) Share it on social media and with your friends

2) Contact your Representatives and Senators

3) Send this essay to the White House.

This is a collective effort and call by call and email by email, we can move mountains and achieve our goal.

If you’d like to keep posted on the progress of this effort, join us here.

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